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Purchase Agreement 2021


This agreement is super simple!

Purchasers May:

  • Use the prints FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY.  Files are not to be copied, distributed, altered or resold. All prints offered here are the property of Grand & Lovely Prints.

Purchasers May NOT:

  • Alter, edit or manipulate the print, or claim the prints as their own. Elaine King @ Grand & Lovely Prints owns the original rights to the prints and as a customer you are agreeing to simply use the prints in the ways outlined in these terms.
  • Redistribute, sell, lend, or give away the prints or otherwise allow a third-party to use the prints in any way.
  • Prints may not be used for any offensive, illegal or pornographic use. 

By purchasing in our store, you agree to these terms.

                                               © Copyright 2021